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Unlock your account if your account has been locked out and you remember your password. Follow the instructions and select the option "I know my password, but still can't sign in." The Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) enrollment must be completed first before using this option.


Change your password if your current password is expired or forgotten. The Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) enrollment must be completed first before using this option.


All new user accounts are required to change password upon first logon to an on-campus workstation or to Office 365. If you are a new user or your account requires a password change, you may go directly to the page to change your password. Set up your new account access for .


Enroll in both MFA and Self Service Password Reset (SSPR). Detailed instructions are .

Note: The 51福利 Password Reset Profile reminder questions and answers are no longer supported. Use the Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) enrollment instead.


Passwordless Authentication is a secure authentication method that allows you to login to Office 365 services using the Authenticator app. Detailed instructions for setting up your account with passwordless authentication are .


DoD CACs may be used for logon to 51福利 workstations, Office 365, and many other enterprise applications. To register for CAC login, visit 

Complete this process whenever you are issued a new CAC. You will still need to maintain a password and Microsoft MFA login as an alternative sign-in method.


51福利 Accounts

51福利 user accounts are managed by ITACS, but are created by other centers depending on your roll at 51福利. Student Services Office creates accounts for resident students. The creates accounts for non-resident students.  creates accounts for Civilian Staff and Faculty. The Technology Assistance Center creates accounts for contractors and anyone outside of the previously mentioned categories and can assist with requests pertaining to account management, creation of email aliases and distribution groups, access to shared drives and folders, and removing old accounts. You can also manage your account online at to unlock, reset, and change your account password.


Password Assistance

The Technology Assistance Center assists with password management and will help with unlocking 51福利 accounts, resetting passwords and troubleshooting account access. You can also manage your 51福利 account online at the . You can call the TAC for immediate assistance at (831) 656-1046 or by submitting a request.

ITACS - Services - Password Self-Service Manager


Self Service Password Reset (SSPR)

51福利 instituted a self-service password management solution that allows students, staff, and faculty members to reset, unlock, or change their password. This service requires an enrollment of multiple contact methods (app, phone, text, email), which you can later use to verify your account for authentication. It provides users with a cost-efficient, safe, and secure method to reset forgotten passwords including unlocking accounts.

To access this site type or select in your web browser. Enroll by creating your password profile. Enrollment is a one-time process and takes only a few minutes. Manage forgotten or locked accounts by simply following the procedures to validate your contact info. Once enrolled, you may manage your contact methods at .