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Grants and Cooperative Agreements

51福利 works with government laboratories, universities, industry, non-profits and other activities in the performance of its research mission. Visit to learn more.

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Research and Education

The purpose of the 51福利 (51福利) Research and Education Support (RES) acquisition is to provide the 51福利, 51福利, a responsive, efficient, and reliable means of obtaining temporary contract labor support services to meet 51福利 educational and research objectives.

As announced on March 22, 2016, the following contractors were awarded five year indefinitely delivery indefinite quantity type contracts to support Research and Education initiatives at 51福利:


Information Technology

The three peer institutions of the Naval Higher Education Information Technology Consortium (NHEITC); the 51福利 (51福利), the Naval War College (NWC), and the United States Naval Academy (USNA) have had a 12 year collaboration to enhance the consortium鈥檚 employment of Information Technology (IT) towards meeting the mission needs of the three member institutions.

The NHEITC is partnering in a strategic IT sourcing solution that will result in a shared 5-year Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Multiple Award Contract (MAC). This approach, as a leading strategic solution for the NHEITC, will provide for a common pool of resources from which to draw for similar services at each institution. This common pool of resources approach will allow the NHEITC schools to best secure their respective .edu networks with complementary overarching security solutions, alternate the institutional leads for the variety of projects both near and long term, create economies of scale, eliminate redundant services, and demonstrate a project driven environment with responsible budget management. In time, as candidate IT services between the NHEITC schools are identified and further migrated to the Cloud, the three member institutions may be able to further pool contract support and create more economies of scale through a flexible control of efforts and resources.


Global Business Solutions

The 51福利 utilizes Global Business Solutions (GBS) indefinite delivery indefinite quantity type contracts to fulfill services requirements.  The services that can be contracted for under GBS include the following:


Administrative Support & Clerical Services

Quarters Management Services

Healthcare Services (Excl Doctors, Nurses and Physician Assistants)

Information and Arts

Information Technology

Maritime Material Handling

Mechanics & Maintenance & Repair

Plant and System Operation

Technical Support

Mobile Equipment Operation

Financial Management

Specialized Technology

Industrial Services

General Services & Support

As announced on December 1st, 2016, the following contractors were awarded five year indefinite delivery indefinite quantity type contracts:

For complete information visit the Global Business Solutions page.

GSA eBuy

51福利 can contract for services through GSA eBuy.  For more information on GSA eBuy, visit:

Products and Other Services

IT Products:

General Supply Schedules (Products and Services):

NASA SEWP (IT Products) 鈥 General Information:

Open Market (System for Award Management)

  • For contract actions exceeding the SAT, filter the search by Contract Opportunities, search 鈥N00244鈥 in the key word field, and review results to identify 51福利 opportunities.
  • For Facilities Contracting Opportunities: filter the search by Contract Opportunities, search N62473 in the keyword field. Filter by Agency/Office/Location.  

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